Thursday, 6 February 2014

Fay Thompson RIP

I was shocked when I read the Facebook comment below. I had only spoken to her a few days before and we had arranged to meet to 'catch up'. I contacted her to tell her that someone we both knew, Vincent Shirley RIP, had died and she couldn't remember him. She said she was having memory problems. We exchanged comments for a while and as I was very tired i said i'd get back to her. Fay was a wonderful, caring person. I first spoke to her when I saw her outside Welford Primary School, Handsworth, Birmingham, crying her eyes out. She was clearly distressed. I stopped to comfort her as people were looking and walking by. In between sobs she told me what was wrong. I then arranged to meet with her the next day. I went to her home on Lozells Rd and that was the start of many visits. She was a single mother, struggling with her children. She had decided to have a heart-to-heart with the older ones because she felt there were things which they were now old enough to know about her. I was just setting up my women's groups, Black Women Domestic Violence and Child Sex Abuse Survivors as well as Burbury Creative Writers' Circle (BCWC)in Newtown. Fay started coming to BCWC. She had a lot to offer. Ambitious, full of ideas, she was willing to try new ideas even if they backfired. I remember her saying that she was going to try something for the last time. I disagreed with her reminding her that we had to keep trying till we succeeded. A few days later she came in with a computer disc. We had a computer donated by Adult Education and Fay could not afford one. She brought in the disc and i asked if she'd acquired a coputer. She said no but the disc was the beginning. She had enough faith to know that she would get a computer. We had a group discussion on support for our writing. One day I suggested we visit an organisation for help. Fay insisted that though it was raining and she had to pick up her child from school she was going to see someone right now, this minute, as he could only say no. She walked up to Villa Rd Resource Centre because the 46 bus would have taken too long. She convinced the manager to let her use one of the computers though she wasn't Job Seeking. He said yes. Fay's disc stayed in the envelope till she was able to afford a computer. I even joked that it was like buying the petrol before the car but we knew that determination would get us through. Burbury Creative Writers' Circle then got funded by Adult Education, We received a grant to spend a Writers' weekend in Birmingham University and Fay was thrilled that she, a black single parent could spend a whole weekend there and she wasn't your typical black woman in the University ie. cleaner. She couldn't wait to tell everyone that she had spent a whole weekend in this prestigious place. She insisted that she was going back as a student. We also went to Standford Hall in Sheffield for a Writers Weekend, funded by West Midlands Arts. The Federation of Worker Writers' and Community Publishers had their AGM in this venue every Easter. Snow, lambs, daffodils, good food, childcare, all contributed to us having a lovely time with lots of influences, inspiration for writing. The local chemist also contributed to BCWC's success and we were able to leave Birmingham every 6 weeks to find inspiration. Fay was full of ideas. She would come up with stuff that had others in stitches. She wrote a play about Child Abuse. we tried to convince her that she didn't need lots of furniture but a few boxes covered up could be used in the scenery. Not Fay. She decided that if the play called for a settee then a settee was going on stage. We had some good times. Fay loved life, worked hard, helped others. Condolences to her family friends from Me, my family and all those in Burbury Creative writers' Circle including Leon Blades, Margaret, Spicy Fingers, the 3 pastors. Celebration of Life - Details The celebration of life service for our mother Fay Thompson will be on Wednesday 12th February 2014 will be held at Nechells Outreach Centre, 264 Long Acre, Nechells, B7 5JP. Time: 10:30am She will be laid to rest at Sutton New Hall Cemetery, Lindridge Road, Sutton Coldfield, B75 7HX. Time: 13:30 We are also inviting all those who knew and loved our mother to join us for refreshments and food at The Emerald Suite, 214 Green Lane, Small Heath, Birmingham, B9 5DH.

RIPs, buying American Property, Birth Cetrificates, Cruises and Grand Children

John aka Ozzie Osbourne Yesterday at the Poppy Day friends and I remembered John aka Ozzie who spent a lot of his time in the market sitting drinking tea, talking about his daughter and his time in the forces. He was 'in care' for some of his childhood and carried on into another British Institution. He has always been independent. A good father, he really loved his daughter and would do anything to protect her. Unfortunately Social Services and the Courts stepped in and took his daughter away. I have seen some of the paper work. John was very worried about the whole affair. Anyway he was found dead in his bed two saturdays ago. Condolences to all who knew him. we'll know more after the inquest. Cyril A native of St Kitts-Nevis Cyril and I met nearly every Tuesday at the market. We rummaged through tat left by stallholders and shared some of our finds. every week he'd tell me about his health, hospital visits, etc and his bargains. If we saw each other anywhere else eg McDonalds in Paradise Forum we'd wave, exchange findings and promise to meet in the market on Tuesday. I only heard through a homeless person of Cyril's death. I didn't know his address but heard that it was boarded up within days Lance's Dad Lance attended a family funeral and within days he was mourning his own father's death. More details later Ainsley I tried to get to this funeral but it didn't happen. Earlier the day, we went to the Western Westley Hotel for a conference on how to buy property in America. Free Lunch promised, sandwhiches chips and coffee or tea. All attendees got a digital camera, disc with info on property buying and the first 50 will receive their promised tablet by post. It was a great networking session. I met people i hadn't seen for years like David who used to work for Handsworth Employment Scheme. BCIL financial Advisor who came in to help before the organisation folded was also there. I met new people like a neighbour who runs a childcare organisation. My exbiker, exmilitary friend aka my Minder, came with us. He is such a laugh at times. Unashamedly dressed in leathers and jeans with all his badges, patches, equipment. he came in then went for a smoke. He came back and promised to zippit. The body language said it all. He smelt a rat. So what did he do. Find out when I finish writing his book. Suffice to he was his usual mischievous self. we then went to wetherspoons in Acocks Green. As we were going to a funeral we put said friend in taxi and waited at bus stop. B4 that we met an infamous Birmingham character and had another laugh. As we were not dressed for funeral we tried the second hand shops and others but no one, if they were open had black trousers we could afford. So instead we went to KFC, decided it was not wahat we wanted, said hello to a friend and his daughter then went back to Wetherspoons. We had 241 but i paid extra cos they'd made a mistake and we got 3 instead of 2 meals. Not the best i've ever had at wetherspoons and they seem to be skimping on portions. Then the dreaded phonecall. Friend had got home and fallen backwards down the stairs. We rushed over in a taxi thanking God that we hadnt gone to Cape Hill. No, he was not going to hospital. He had been through wars and riots and hospital is for softies (stronger Unpc words but who knows who will be reading this) So Ainsley who was a good friend had a good send off, packed church, lovely afterdo, nice food and we nursed a sick man overnight. Birth Certificate. I was born in St Kitts then part of St.Kitts Nevis Anguilla. Because my parents were not married I have no fathers name on this said paper. A dash. Shirley Dash. hmm. So for years I was known as Shirley Lake. The problem started when I had to get a passport to come to England. I signed Shirley L crossed out Cooper. At the age of 9years /355 days I changed identity. My Birth Certificate was safe in my suitcase for years. everytime I needed a new passport i would send the old one. I once paid someone to get me a new Birth Certificate when they went 'home' on holiday. Yeah I know how to get one now. I can get one in england because we were British then and our colonial masters kept records. But one fine evening,. surrounded by warring grandchildren I decided to pay someone to send me a birth certificate. I paid for express delivery, one week. I got an email to say it would take one month. Then I got hacked and someone wrote all (32000) emails have been deleted now you have nothing to read, put your feet up and have a cup of tea. A few days later the emails returned. Meanwhile I am waiting patiently for an email with a copy of my birth certificate and the post with another copy. Then i found the email. It was unsuccessful. I didnt exist. Maybe if they had not mixed up Lake with Lane I would have been found. Consequently I wasn't able to pay for my Atlantic cruise from Southampton, Azores to Eastern Caribbean including St Kitts. The return journey. I had travelled from st kitts to southampton in 1963 and I've always wanted a 30 day return. Altenatives I could have gone to southampton for a Child Sex Abuse Survivors weekend conference but I didn't intend to be in UK so didn't book it. Consolation, after Christmas when everyone has spent all, i will have money for a holiday. Grandchildren. I have two. I look at them and sometimes wish i had the freedom of expression and security they have and other times I think they could never have coped with my childhood. They are surrounded by aunts, uncles, grandparents, cousins and two parents. They remind me that they are not five, not babies. Their wisdom with electronics is fantastic. After not being able to sit still 5 minutes to learn to knit, one said, I can learn it on Ebay, seeing that's where i've learnt to play instruments. And she did learn to knit from eBay. I have a certificate in Education which includes Psychology of Education but noone mentioned grandchildren

Thursday, 31 October 2013

Just What is wrong with Halloween?

Christian Voice E-Alert – 31st October 2013 This Christian Voice E-Alert contains no images or dodgy links concealing tracking devices to identify you and monitor your activity. Dear Shirley, Just what is wrong with Halloween? It’s that time of year when, in the UK at least, the pumpkins invade the supermarkets, shop assistants dress up as witches, zombie outfits are on sale and confectionery is rebranded to be ‘scary’. Just a bit of fun? Leaving aside the unpleasantness of ‘trick or treat’, does something sinister lurk behind the ‘Happy Halloween’ jollity? Is witchcraft really so innocuous? How should the church respond? A couple of months ago, I was so troubled by the failure of a young Christian girl to respond adequately on TV to a challenge to agree or disagree with Exodus 22:18, that I sought the Lord on what the church should say about the subject. The result was this article: ‘What’s wrong with witchcraft’. Please feel free to leave a comment. The article also looks at the prevalence of witchcraft in the UK. Some of what I discovered may come as a shock to anyone who thinks that witchcraft is only a problem in the developing world. As for something practical to do, it may be a bit late for this year, but churches can hold alternatives. A church I attended in Carshalton used to hold a 'Rainbow Party'. The name does not matter, it's the doing of it in the name of Christ that is important. But please be warned such an event is not taken lightly by the forces of evil. The mild-mannered organiser of the first Rainbow Party in that South London church answered his bell one evening to find a slaughtered cat on his doorstep. Whilst writing, the Christian Voice monthly prayer meeting at West Ham in London, near the site of the proposed ‘megamosque’, is this Saturday from 10.30am to 12.30pm. All Christian believers are welcome. Aim for E15 3ND or find further details and directions at PRAY: For those churches providing a Christian alternative to Halloween parties. They are a big challenge to the world of the occult and need our support for protection and success. Exodus 22:18 Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live. Galatians 5:19 Now the works of the flesh are manifest, which are these; Adultery, fornication, uncleanness, lasciviousness, 20 Idolatry, witchcraft, hatred, variance, emulations, wrath, strife, seditions, heresies, 21 Envyings, murders, drunkenness, revellings, and such like: of the which I tell you before, as I have also told you in time past, that they which do such things shall not inherit the kingdom of God. 22 But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, 23 Meekness, temperance: against such there is no law. Yours in the mighty name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Stephen Green, National Director, Christian Voice.

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Shirley P. Cooper's Tribe And Gallery: Water

Shirley  P. Cooper's Tribe And Gallery: Water
 Thank You Mama
 Come Back Liza
Rum and Coco cola
Coconut water, Good for your daughter
 Never thirst Again


National Poetry Day this year was quite wet. The theme was water. Here's what I produced for Cannon Hill writers' Group Thirty Days over the sea To meet such pain and misery To bully's who sang: You're a drip, you're a drip, you're a drip, You're a drip, you're a drip, you're a drip D R I P I replied: I'm a drip, drip is water, water is nature, nature is beauty, thank you. Losing a loved one Trying to keep strong, singing: Everytime me memba Liza, Water come a me yeye And today on my Birthday I sing Thank you Mama for carrying me through all the pain and suffering# Seven months inna yu belly Through the pain and misery Thank you Mama for loving me And when we wet my baby's head with rum not water it was said coconut water, good for you daughter, make her strong like lion, And when I despair I lift my eyes and sing Never Thirst again Oh never Thirst again Yes never Thirst Again Oh Never Thirst again "For he that drinketh," Jesus said, "will never ever thirst again."

Monday, 21 October 2013

My Motive for Charity Work

I ahd a text off someone who i have supported since i first met her in my first teaching posts. She told me that I walked around finding freebies all the time and i only helped people so that i could feel good and better than them. This is someone that i've taken flack for, fallen out with people who have spoken against and attacked her. So how true was her text. When I first started teaching I soon became aware of social porblems in the class. Mothers started coming in to see me, at first supposedly about their children's education but eventually about themselves. I was younger than them. Soon themes started showing: domestic violence, poverty, not knowing who to turn to. I started supporting these mums. They came in with their black eyes. I comforted them. My headteacher told me I wasn't a Social worker, it wasn't my job to solve their problems. I ignored him. If someone needed help and i could give it, i did. Children came in without dinner money; i paid it for them. I prevented prostitution by handing over large amoutns of cash when these women had no other choices in order to feed their children. I paid airfare for one mother to go away and sort her life out. The children were encourged to succeeed against the odds. I noticed their cuts and bruises and tackled the parents about it. I notified the head if i suspected child abues but ususally got told to mind my own business. some of these children also came to me on Saturdays when i taught at a Supplementary School. I fed them, not just by paying their dined money at times but also by inviting them round to mine or bringing things into the classroom. Birthdays, Easter and Christmas as well as end of terms were great cos i always provided for these occasions. I started getting invitations to their events. I have kept in touch with those families over the years. when my daughter was born i asked some of these expupils and their parents to babysit. As my daughters' birthday is the week before Christams I had large birthday parties in which i invited every child first to my home then later to palces I hired. One Birthday I heard an appeal on PCRl (a pirate station) for donations to their Christmas party. I pledged the alcohol money which upset the people who came round every year. I not only gave the moeny for the Christmas Party but I also went and helped with it every year providing presents as well. After a request for presents from a Mental Health Manager I acquired a room full of items. Every year until the West Midlands Christmas Tree Appeal stopped, I collected or had delivered a van load of presents which i then presented to pubs and clubs for their Christmas Parties some of which I usually ran. One year I went to visit and old woman and she was unable to provide a cup of tea as she had no gas electricity or all the items for a cuppa. Disgusted, I went out and collected money and everything she needed. I then realised that many seniors spent all their money on presents for children and grandchildren and had nothing left for themselves. I then started delivering presents to them every year. I ran a fabric painting business for a few years, took on 32 instructors and taught them everything i knew. I then visited some of my customers on a regular basis to deliver paints, teach them a new technique but more importantly to see if they were ok. I attended numerous day centres and clubs and helped the members with whatever advice, help they needed. My daughter thought she had numerous grandparents and Santa Claus came to all birthday parties. One day after the second person who talked about committing suicide because Christmas was coming and he was lonely, I spoke to members of a committee that I was on. I suggested we open somewhere for Christmas so that anyone who had nowhere to go or people to be with can come and join us. I appealed for 5p. 50p, £5.00, an onion or carrot for the soup. The response was great. I did my usual Christmas shopping and took everything to the centre. For 10 days we fed, comforted, advised everyone who came in. I had been taking in people every Christmas since 1975 in a bedsit. Since then I'd used my 2 bed room terrace, 3 bedroomed semi and 6 bedroom terrace to welcome anyone who needed a roof over their head. I did this without funding. I was a member of various organisation until quite recently when i decided to stop voluntary work. African and Caribbean People's Movement had 70 a/C organisations. I was women's officer for a while, responsible for every a/c woman in Birmingham. I helped to raise funds for various topics including mental health, child abuse survivors, sex abuse survivors and domestic violence. Over the years I have put a tremendous amount of my own resources: money, time, health, strength into improving people's lives. Lately I find out where everything is: food banks, handouts, clothes, tickets, freebies and inform everyone. I then pass this information on to those who need it. I have 2 phones. If someone needs to make a call i lend them whichever has credits in. Once in a while someone gives me a few pounds towards my work. I go beyond the call of duty to help people. As a Christian I believe that I should house the homeless, feed the hungry, clothe the naked and love everyone. It's not easy. I get ostracised, criticised, spat at, physically attacked, verbally abused but I do it because it needs to be dond. The people I work with aren't going to fill in forms or write letters recommending me for MBE, OBE or anything else and I am not expecting it. If my motive was to get credits, thanks etc for doing what the Bible tells us to do, I would have given up a long time ago. But I know I have saved livesby my action. That's what it's all about. Spreading the love.

Happy Birthday to Me

For my 60th Year I decided to do at least 60 things. The List was as folllows> 1. Go to New York to see Brother in New York 2. See sister in Tortola 3. Go to Buckingham Palace for Coronation Exhibition as I was in the womb during the Coronation parties when my sister was Coronation Queen 4. Hire Art Space to carry on with my Visual Arts 5. Clear out flat, leaving only living not working stuff in it, 6. Do garden 7. Distribute surplus stuff from house and stall clearances 8. Buy piano and steelpan. Restart my music career 9. Pay off all outstanding debts 10. Put up curtains, blinds in grandchildren's bedrooms 11. Change front door 12. Buy sofa bed 13. Fill fridge, freezer, cupboards 14. Get momentos et christening, 19th birthday, 21st, 30th, etc together 15. Send for all records eg Housing, Teaching, Fostering 15. Publish books 16. Edit friends books 17 Write friends' life story 18. Tour previous homes eg 137 freer rd, 8 Holly rd with friends. write stories, set up websites and take photos 19. Stay in Leeds for a few weeks and go down memory lane. Catch up on everything, take photos, do blog 20. "This is me" website 21 Redo "Memroies from Home" 21. Head to Toe Health check 22 Re/join Support Groups and peel off onion skin 23 Attend all Meetup groups that I signed up for 24 order Graze box for Granddaughter and others 25. London weekend 26. Survivors weekend in Southampton 27 Blackpool illuminations 28. Go to St.Kitts, Nevis, Anguilla 29. World Cruise 30. Back to Bingo Sessions 31. A week at Pioneer centre 32 Record 2 songs 33. Set up Shirley's Tribe Meetup group 34 Start a coupon Book 35. Have a Barbeque 36. Start Swimming Again 37. Distribute 60 flasks and water bottles 38 Celebrate World Mental Health Day 39 Have stalls at Natural Living Fair and similar 40 Update Doll Collection 41. Sort out all Collections 42 Take a cake or biscuits to at least 60 venues 43. Go camping 44. Spend a lot of time in Libary of Birmingham 45. Have a Memorial Service for my Mother, Uvina Rosetta Cooper 46 Upload and start websites for all court cases, tribunals, to date 47 Collect in all moeny owed, inheritance, maintencance, 48 New Business Cards 49 Tablet, laptop, etc 50 Home phone, TV and all trimmings 51 Research father's life and death 52 Grand sort out 53. Church service with churches i've attended 54. Spend more time at theatre, cinema, arts centre etc 55. spend more time at health fairs 56. eat out more 57. Burlesque evening 58. Shirley and Friends Visual Arts Display 59 Donate to charities, causes, individuals not donated to b4 60 Subscriptions to magazines I have done some of the above but as most of it costs money, i'm in a catch 22 situation: need money to make money. Exciting things so far: 1. walking round with all Birthday cards and showing them off 2. Giving out chocolates, sweets and cake on the bus 3. Going to the New Library, finding all the toilets and looking for 'Shirley's Space' 4. Saying no to some of the things i used to do, cutting back on charity work 5. Buying a new bus pass

Wednesday, 4 September 2013


last few weeks have been very interesting. First there was the saga with Neil. I found him collapsed in Gloucester St between market stalls, He recognised me. I called 999. Steve came on his motorbike. He was concerned. Neil had been in hospital 3 times in 3 weeks. big bump on his head. he wan't just drunk. he was in pain. The paramedics arrived. , They did not want to take him to hospital though he was begging for that. The man told me seeing i knew him and where he lived should take him home. i said, have you seen my foot (another saga about me and my GP) the paramedic agreed that i couldnt walk Neil home. They drove off. Steve remained. we tried to find solutions. Steve mentioned Sifa ad St Martins Help Desk. Mental note to me, get SIFA to provide new information and maybe St Martins could inform other services that they no longer provide help. A policeman arrived. long name. should have written it down. He marvelled that Neil had moved a few yards from where he'd left him earlier. this guy maybe should have been reminded that the Police Station is listed as a place of Safety to which people in distress are taken. I listened disgusted as this longnamed police officer told me that he had no time to waste taking this alcoholic, mentally ill, injured man into the police station or indeed pick him up off the ground. longnamed officer left me and Steve to deal with Neil who could just about stand up, I went to get him a coffee and was told all about how Neil was left earlier to collapse and drop his bag. I went for the bag but it was empty Someone had helped themself to content. so we sat on a bench with the coffee then moved further along to the nd of Spiceal st and Edgbaston St. Then Neil wandered off and came back with some. He left me sitting there. a few days later i heard he'd been taken into hospital with head injuries and had to be operated on. I went into St Martins a few days later and was told that Neil was just in, drunk in pyjamas. i found him opposite the church. Who s supposed to be caring for the Neils of the world? Where are the Christians, Outreach workers, support worker. Where is the love and compassion, the mega funding that's given to help alcoholics, homeless, badly housed, mentally ill, disaffected, socially excluded. Why arent the people doing their Jobs? Why are people banned from services? Why are service users not using these services

Sunset seen from our new lbrary

A truly inspirational woman

The Real You - Alan Watts

Friday, 12 July 2013

This week

What a week! I have had a strange week. On Sunday I wandered around in the heat and stopped to talk to lots of peope. Neil, who had a birthday the day b4 and was happy that he had accomodation that he felt comfortable in at last. No church services for a change. I sat outside St Martins for over 2 hours but didn't go in. NO karaoke, live singing either. Monday I went to Bingley Place to see GREASE. It was chosen as one of Birmingham's favourite films. I remeber taking my class to see this in the 70's. They were John Travolta mad. His name appeared over the desks, on books, walls etc so I thought GREASE would cure them. It did. They, aged 11/12, rather homophobically declared him gay and actually scrubbed his hname from the classroom on their return. Last week a group of sat on bean bags, blamkets and deckchairs and enjoyed the film. My friend Chuff, turned up with tankard in left and cigarette in right hand and was soon asked if he would 'have a word' with the security man. I watched them talk for a while and kept an eye on the film at the same time. Unfortunately Chuff then told me that out of view of the audience, the security man grabbed him and pushed him away. Not the best way to treat people but i'm noticing more and more bullying in public by high viz or otherwise uniformed people. After the film and free popcorn, we went to The Figure of Eight across the road and had a drink. Then to MacDonald on High St, Dale end to catch up on days events with some homeless people. We then went to McDonald, New St as my friend had missed her bus and neither of us had taxi fare. We stayed till 5.30am Tuesday drinking tea, looking at my Boaading Out notes from Social Services Leeds and talking to other 'overnighters'. I then caught to bus to a friends house and slept for 2 hours before venturing into town again. Tuesday. It's strange being on a bus at 5.45am. I used to do that when I worked at Waddingtons and Petty's in Leeds during the summers b4 I started teaching. I meant to go to the healing service but spent time in the sun then the Pavillion, Internet cafe instead. THen it was back to Film night at Bingley Place. First I popped in to see the guys in the gunshop. I am buying a bullet belt to keep my lollipops in and a gun bag for my knitting needles and crochet hooks. I've spent a lot of time in there lately cos my friend is a guncollector. legal and above board b4 you ask. After Raiders of the last Ark and no popcorns cos I was too late, we went back to The FIgure of Eight then McDonalds. God, aren't i predictable? Then a very late bus home. Wednesday. A bus ride to Hope Family Church who though it was cooler than the last few days, were evangelising in Swanshurst Park. a cup of tea and a - 2, 3, nobody is counting, biscuit fron True Christian. I had milk. Richard came all the way from Worcester and missed the open air befriending cos they'd taken the tables and chairs back across the road and left the park. SO we wandered around and went to the lake. there we met Lorraine from Scotland who told us about the guys who'd shot the swans with a pellet gun and the ones in Handsworth who'd killed the ducks and got caught as the feathers were in the bin whilst the birds were roasting. Then Richard and I played Dare. It felt like it. Do we catch the 2, 3 then the 50 to the Farm or 11 then 50? We did the latter and that's probably why i fell face down in Vicarage Rd whilst crossing the Road to catch the 50 outside All Saints Church. It could be cos i was tired or Richard with his tales of foreigners in Britain who won't integrate, the Poles who steal his food in the shared house or the ones who push in the queue at the soup run. Or it could have been the fact that i made a comment about not crossing in front of a cop car in case they knocked me down and refuse compensation. Whatever the reason i fell and grazed my knees and hurt my hands which i used to break the fall. I was surrounded by some nice people and helped back to my feet, advised to go to hospital even. I thak God I had worn trousers. the night b4 i took out a pink skirt and scarf and cardigan to have a girly day. then i remembered that i was going to Birmingham entrepreneurs meetup later and i didn't want to be too girly so i swapped pink skirt for black trousers. I would never get over the embarraing of falling in a pink skirt. It was bad enough in trousers but my knees were scraped and no underwear was displayed to the uncoming traffic and passengers at the bus stops. I took some photos as evidence in case i find someone to sue and then went towards the 50 bus stop to find the Inner City Farm. We got off the bus and went to ORT in the Old Print Works. QUick tour then down St Pauls Rd. Still dazed we walked all the way round stopping at my cousins who weren't home. We asked a few people and noone seemed to know the farm less than 100 yards from where we stood. One little girl argued with her father who were sending us in the wrong direction. she knew cos she'd been there with school. The farm was closed. we were too late. We then went to Unis Internet Cafe in the Pavillion then I phoned Rik to find out where the food for homeless was being served. I then sent someone to pick up a sandwich and sat on internet until I set off with Judith for Urban Coffee COmpany 4 business meeting. It was great. I did 'Ask Shirley' and Phil came with us to McDonalds CHerry St and Dale End to find SHirley's Tribe. We then admired Jamie's artwork, had hot chocolate and talked about court case, art, flats, cvs. Then someone came, admired the art and asked if we could come and do some art in their flat. WHoah. Birmingham Artist with lots of wall space to decorate b4 the council demolishes the building. Then I went home to a friends cos i was feeling hurt, after the fall and didn't fancy being home alone. Thursday Feeling very ill. Feet hurt. can't walk. room spinning nauseated. Finally managed to leave the house after 3 but still feeling wobbly. Too late for Senior Screen at Odeon New St. Unis Internet cafe again. Then walk with Judith to York Bakery for Wordpress meetup which was cancelled. I was so tired. my feet hurt and i wanted to go somewhere so we went by cab £4 to Hearth, Litterature for Wellbeing and met up with Tessa, Freda and other supportive friends in Ginos Restaurant. Lovely environment, cocktail with mint, limes, ginger ale. Then Gaynor Arnold came for Meetup 2 in same venue and I bought her book. It was book buying day yeterday. I bought Bob No Ordinary Cat by James Bowen (who's in BIrmingham on 25th July) and Wreck this Journal by Keri Smith. I fancy starting a workshop with the latter. Number 101 bus, browse for bargains in supermarkets by SNow Hill Station, chocolate, bisuits, cookies then hot chocolate in McDonalds. More flat, cv, art talk then home to bed where dispite sore knees slept for a long time.

Greenpeace - scaling Europe's tallest skyscraper

Hi Shirley, If you're reading this email it means I'm clinging to the side of the Shard - attempting something that's never been done before: scaling Europe's tallest skyscraper. If we make it to the top, we plan to install a giant piece of art in direct view of Shell's three London headquarters down around me. We can see them, so I know they can see us. WATCH LIVE and send your message of support to show the whole world that we don't want Arctic drilling. I've been climbing for years, but this is the biggest challenge I've ever taken on. Am I scared? Hell yeah. But I know that fear is only what you make of it. For me this is a personal act of bravery, and I hope that beyond all else it can encourage anyone hesitating over taking action - no matter what scale - to take that step today. There are only six of us up here, but there are millions of us in every corner of the world who want the Arctic protected. The most effective action we can do now is to make everyone else care for the Arctic as we do, and to do that we need to make it news. This is not a niche subject. This affects every single person on our shared planet. Everyone should know that we've lost 80% of the Arctic sea ice in the last 30 years, and that should make people want to protect it. Not to drill for more oil that caused the melting in the first place. Follow our progress on LIVE TV and please share this page with everyone you know on Facebook, Twitter and over email. Let's make this as big as we can. Shell doesn't want us talking about their dangerous Arctic oil drilling plans. Together we can shout about them from the rooftops ;) Wish us luck, Victo (and Sandra, Sabine, Liesbeth, Wiola and Ali) x

Water, water everywhere (and some poison)

A very interesting link and includes all extended family too New video with several professionals discussing evidence and pollution, hazardousness of F in water, in toothpaste, etc. PS NZ is only 0.7 F

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Expand Your Consciousness

Expand your consciousness: - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Sky channel 191 &192 - PSTV

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Local Variation in Avoidable Death Rates Published figures for the West Midlands

DRAFT Embargo 00:01 Tuesday 11 June 2013 LOCAL VARIATION IN AVOIDABLE DEATH RATES PUBLISHED Figures for the West Midlands on causes of early death A new website showing significant variation in early death rates has been launched today to drive pu blic awareness and local action to tackle public health problems. Longer Lives, a new Public Health England (PHE) website, allows people to easily see local information for the West Midlands on early deaths from major killers like heart disease, stroke an d cancer, and how it varies across the area and the country. Using a traffic -light rating system, it ranks areas showing those above average in tackling avoidable deaths as green, while those that still have more to do, are red. The website contains a r ange of data that , for the first time , allows people to easily compare an area’s mortality against those with similar populations, incomes and levels of health. Overall it shows that the north of England has a higher risk of early death than the south, but when comparing areas of a similar socioeconomic status, it reveals a more complex picture. Across the West Midlands, the picture is mixed with early death rates varying across the 14 county and unitary local authority areas. For example:  Shropshire Council and Solihull Council have the lowest rates of heart disease and stroke related deaths in the West Midlands, ranked at 25th and 28th respectively – well below the national average.  Within a group of 15 comparable local authorities with the same level of deprivation Dudley Council ranks 5th overall in the group and has lower rates of premature death than the group average.  Herefordshire Council is in the top five local authorities in the country for the lowest rate of lung disease related deaths, ranking 4th out of 150 top tier local authorities . News Release 2 The data and website will provide local areas with information to help them understand their own position and better target efforts to improve the health of the people they serve. Dr Sue Ibbotson, West Midlands Centre Director said:“Longer Lives will support local government in its new role as the local leaders for people’s health in their area . It presents a clear picture of an important aspect of health in local areas – where the causes of avoidable death have been tackled and where there is more to do – so everyone involved can consider and agree how to make improvements from a common basis of the same information. “The website goes further than just data, and contains evidence of what needs to be done and case studies of what has been successful elsewhere . Longer Lives has the potential to make a real difference to the health of each and every community in the West Midlands and we’ll be working hard with local authorities and the NHS to bring about the changes we need.” The evidence is clear – a person’s likelihood of dying prematurely from one of the top four killers varies widely between local authorities due to differences in risk factors, such as obesity, alcohol and smoking and socioeconomic determinants. Local councils were given the leadership of public health in April 2013 as part of a move to empower local areas to make real change in people’s lives. To help them deliver these improvements the government has given them £5.46bn of funding. Leading the work of the local Health and Wellbeing Board with Clinical Commissioning Group partners, local councils have a pivotal role in piloting the local health and care system to improve the health of their local citizens. The website provides examples of best practice from other local authorities, guidance from the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) and links to NHS Choices so that individuals, families and citizens can learn about these conditions and what they can to do to improve their health. This data is the first information to be rolled out as part of the Government’s plans to provide the public and health professionals in local areas with clear, easy accessible information on how health and care services are doing in improving the health outcomes wherever we live. ENDS

Breaking the Chains of Mental Slavery

------Original Message------ From: Eml Gospel JA Marcia Dixon To: Lionels Daughter Subject: Breaking the Chains of Mental Slavery - a new groundbreaking book from Alton P Bell Sent: 11 Jun 2013 14:05 Having trouble viewing this email? Click here BREAKING THE CHAINS OF MENTAL SLAVERY PRACTICAL TOOLS TO BRING FREEDOM TO YOU AND YOUR DESCENDENTS Breaking The Chains of Mental Slavery is the debut book from church leader Alton P Bell. This enlightening book is a must read for anyone interested in learning about and getting an understanding of the devastating effects slavery has had on the descendants of those that were enslaved in the Caribbean during the 15th-19th century and how, through the power of gospel, those negative effects can be broken. The author, Alton P Bell, explores the history of slavery in the Caribbean. He looks at: * THE factors that led to the rise of slavery in The Caribbean, * HOW the production of sugar created great wealth for European nations, and * WHY the methods used by slave owners to subjugate and dominate those they enslaved has impacted their descendants to this day. It was after noting the recurring negative patterns in the lives of the men in his family that Alton P Bell was inspired to write Breaking The Chains of Mental Slavery. He was keen to understand what was holding them back and preventing them from moving forward and experiencing success. It became evident from his investigations that the enslavement of Africans and their descendants in the Caribbean between the 15th-19th century, has had a long lasting effect, and are at the root of some of the problems black people experience in 21st century society. Bell discovered that the legacy of slavery is manifold and is exhibited in a number of way. Many young Black people still 'disrespect' or fear authority figures, some operate in 'rebellion' and still suffer from esteem issues, lacking the confidence to pursue their goals. There is also a'crab in a barrel mentality', a seeming inability to unite around common causes and 'black on black violence' as evidenced on our streets. Illegitimacy and sexual promiscuity are still prevalent. The emasculation of the Black male (failure to take responsibility) and the 'Strong Black Women' syndrome are rife. Breaking The Chains of Mental Slavery reminds readers that the only way for African-Caribbeans to break free from the mental chains of the past is to accept Christ and make him Lord of every area of their lives. It also explains the steps readers who feel impacted by their past can take to break negative generational links and the importance of becoming financially 'savvy' so that they can leave a legacy for their great grandchildren. Breaking The Chains of Mental Slavery is an informative and enlightening read, and a must have for anyone who wants to understand black African-Caribbean culture and the long lasting effects of the trans-atlantic slave trade. BREAKING THE CHAINS OF MENTAL SLAVERY is £10 (incl p&p) CLICK HERE TO ORDER YOUR COPY ABOUT THE AUTHOR Revd Alton P Bell, an Honours Graduate of the London School of Theology, has been actively involved in pastoral ministry for over 20 years and currently serves as the Senior Pastor at the Wembley Family Church in north west London. In fulfilling his passion to make a difference in the lives of disadvantaged people Revd Bell serves as a director of S.W.A.Y. Youth Project and is founder and CEO of Pivot Point, a community organisation that works with local authorities to deliver culturally relevant classes for local young people. He is also involved in initiatives to help improve the academic achievements of black youth. Following the publication of Breaking the Chains of Mental Slavery, Revd Bell has a new passion: that is to work with people suffering from 'Post Traumatic Slavery Syndrome. To achieve this, Revd Bell, runs Breaking the Chains of Mental Slavery Workshops as well as ministers and teaches the work with clarity and insight to allow people to see themselves 'being transformed' as they receive new knowledge. To book Revd Bell to run a Breaking The Chains of Mental Slavery workshop or preach at your church email or phone 07956 363058 for more details ABOUT THE AUTHOR Revd Alton P Bell, an Honours Graduate of the London School of Theology, has been actively involved in pastoral ministry for over 20 years and currently serves as the Senior Pastor at the Wembley Family Church in north west London. In fulfilling his passion to make a difference in the lives of disadvantaged people Revd Bell serves as a director of S.W.A.Y. Youth Project and is founder and CEO of Pivot Point, a community organisation that works with local authorities to deliver culturally relevant classes for local young people. He is also involved in initiatives to help improve the academic achievements of black youth. Following the publication of Breaking the Chains of Mental Slavery, Revd Bell has a new passion: that is to work with people suffering from 'Post Traumatic Slavery Syndrome. To achieve this, Revd Bell, runs Breaking the Chains of Mental Slavery Workshops as well as ministers and teaches the work with clarity and insight to allow people to see themselves 'being transformed' as they receive new knowledge. To book Revd Bell to run a Breaking The Chains of Mental Slavery workshop or preach at your church email or phone 07956 363058 for more details Breaking The Chains of Mental Slavery is £10 (incl p&p) Click HERE to order your copy This e-blast was sent by To find out how our e-blast service can help promote your initiatives phone 07877 395955. Please forward this e-blast or post it on social media if you think it will benefit others. Click here if you would like to join MD PR's mailing list and receive our regular updates. Forward email This email was sent to by | Update Profile/Email Address | Instant removal with SafeUnsubscribeT | Privacy Policy. MD Public Relations | 69 Clova Road | Forest Gate | London | E7 9AG | United Kingdom National Nubian Networking has served the Nubian community since May 2002, has a group & community page on Facety Book, a Ning website & Yahoo group. Discrimination issues? Contact or

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Cannon Hill Writers' Group

sletter and flyer are attached CANNON HILL WRITERS’ GROUP Newsletter 103, May 2013 Next Month – 6th June “Hurdles” Julie Boden is a former Birmingham Poet Laureate and is Poet in Residence at Symphony Hall where she created the Piano Room sequence, performed to the accompaniment of piano music. She has published several collections of her poems and has run workshops at many venues on various themes. The workshop will be suitable for writers of poetry and prose. Please bring pen and paper. For other Thursdays in June don’t forget to bring along your writing to get the opinion of your peers. We are always willing to give and accept suggestions about our work in order to improve it. Future Meetings 4th July– Vlad Mackevic 5th September – Birmingham Poet Laureate Stephen Morrison-Burke 3rd October – National Poetry Day. The theme for this year, decided by the National Poetry Society, is Water. December – poetry and prose competitions. ………………………………………………………………………. Cannon Hill Writers’ Group, (incorporating Hall Green Poetry Group) Meets every Thursday at Hall Green Library, Stratford Road, from 8.00 pm – 9.45 pm. We meet in the Children’s Corner of the library. When you arrive the front entrance of the library will be closed. Walk round the back, through the green railing gates and ring the bell on the door to the right. Someone will come and let you in.

National Survivor User Network Bulletin 3.6.2013 (Mental Health)

----- Forwarded Message ----- From: National Survivor User Network To: Shirley Cooper Sent: Monday, 3 June 2013, 10:02 Subject: NSUN Bulletin Monday 3rd June 2013 Having trouble viewing this e-mail? View it in your web-browser. Manage your e-mail subscription online, or remove yourself from our mailing list. Click here to set your e-mail header image. 03 June 2013 Manage your e-mail subscription In this email: NSUN news First ever policing and mental health conference Guardian article on defining mental health conditions Job: Kindred Minds post Volunteering: Hackney advisory group opportunities Job: Together opportunities Job: Time To Change Mental Health North East news London events Department of Health news Inside Government NSUN news Click here to set the image for this story. NSUN goes Sky high Last week NSUN made its debut on the national Sky News channel. We were talking about the impact of poor finances, made worse by pay-day loans, on mental health. It is well documented that money worries can lead to mental health distress or make it worse. Pay-day loans, which often charge thousands of per cent in interest, target the poorest and most vulnerable and should be more tightly controlled. Come to our Hackney event NSUN is hosting a mental health event for people in the London Borough of Hackney at the beginning of July. Similar to our recent events in Lambeth, Suffolk, Newcastle and Leicester the new health and social care commissioners and providers for the area will have the chance to meet mental health service-users and find new ways of involving them in designing and delivering services. Email Naomi James for more details and to book your place. Website review We are reviewing our website in order to improve it. If you have any views on how easy it is to use or what other features you would like to see please email us. First ever policing and mental health conference Click here to set the image for this story. Health minister Norman Lamb MP will be speaking at the first national conference on policing and mental health organised by leading agencies from the UK's African Caribbean communities scheduled to take place at the Molineux Conference Centre in Wolverhampton, on Thursday 27 June. Entitled 'Policing and mental health, coercion or care?' The Black Mental Health UK (BMH UK) and African Caribbean Community Initiative (ACCI) conference event offers the first ever public forum where the most senior political figures in both mental health and policing will be able to discuss this issue with leading professionals across the West Midlands and beyond. This forms part of BMH UK and ACCI's ongoing work to ensure that this issue becomes a matter of priority for the present government, the new clinical commissioning groups (CCGs) and police authorities up and down the country. More information here. Guardian article on defining mental health conditions Click here to set the image for this story. Mary O'Hara writes an interesting article in the Guardian about the row over the publication of the Diagnostic Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. Suggesting it 'is more than just a spat between psychiatrists and psychologists' O'Hara says that when the harsh realities of cuts to mental health services and the rise in mental distress linked to austerity are crying out for attention we should be concerned as to what constitutes a mental health "condition"? Read the article here. Job: Kindred Minds post Click here to set the image for this story. Kindred Minds - a Southwark-based black and minority ethnic (BME), user-led mental health project is recruiting for a women's group co-facilitator. The co-facilitator to assist in running and developing some of our Kindred Minds activities, which will also include promoting the project around the borough amongst BME mental health service users in the community. The deadline for applications is 12 June with interviews the week beginning 17 June. Email, text or call 07809 701 434 text or call to receive messages of Kindred Minds events. Volunteering: Hackney advisory group opportunities Click here to set the image for this story. Please help develop and strengthen user-led services in Hackney. Choice in Hackney are looking for people to join their dynamic and proactive advisory group that will be taking forward our strengthening Disabled Persons Organisation programme. They are looking for disabled people, or people with an interest in the social model of disability, with skills in one of the following: Communications / digital inclusion strategy Business or social enterprise Fundraising and bid writing Content information systems Quality assurance systems Email Jackie at CHOICE in Hackney for more information or visit the website. Job: Together opportunities Click here to set the image for this story. Together for Mental Wellbeing is now recruiting for two posts: a project co-ordinator and trainer and a project trainer. If you have experience of mental distress as well as project co-ordination and/or developing and delivering training and want to work on a research project in secure services, these roles might be for you! For more information please email Daniel Eichner or call 020 7780 7316 Deadline for applications: 12pm, 17 June Job: Time To Change Click here to set the image for this story. Time to Change is recruiting for a number of new roles across their programme of work. They are looking for people with skills in various different areas, from communications through marketing to programme management and community engagement. The new posts have been created because of the additional 3.6 million in funding that they have just received from the Big Lottery Fund. Much of the new work started with the help of this funding will focus on addressing stigma and discrimination within specific communities, including African and Caribbean communities, so some of the jobs also require experience in these areas. Are you interested, or do you know of someone who might want to apply? More information about the roles is the Time To Change website. Mental Health North East news Click here to set the image for this story. Mental Health North East has a variety of training opportunities on their website. MHNE is a consortium of Voluntary Community Sector organisations working to improve service provision for people suffering mental distress. Personalisation report published The 'Chaos or Empowerment?' report from the MHNE Personalisation project has been published. Project Leadteve Nash says 'Whilst there have certainly been some sucesses, when it comes to making personal budgets and direct payments work well for people with mental health problems, many challenges still remain - to say nothing of the ultimate challenge of creating truly personalised mental health services wherever someone comes in to contact with them.' Download the full report here. London events Click here to set the image for this story. Mad Pride Mental health action group Mad Pride is holding an anti-benefits cuts fundraiser featuring live bands and entertainment. A Feast of Midsummer Madness! Date: Friday 7th June Time: 8pm Venue: Chances, 339 Tottenham High Road N17 6QN Dragon Cafe Today Monday, 3 June from 2.30pm til 8.30 there will be a variety of mental health themed poetry event at the Dragon Cafe. Also don't miss the Dragon Radio Special on London's Arts radio station Resonance 104.4fm. You can also check out the latest Dragon Radio podcast by clicking here. Department of Health news Click here to set the image for this story. The DH has produced a new guide explaining the changes to the NHS under the Health and Social Care Act that came into effect on April 1. The guide sets explains the roles of NHS England, Public Health England, the NHS Trust Development Authority and Health Education England which took on their full responsibilities on that date. Locally, clinical commissioning groups - made up of doctors, nurses and other professionals - will buy services for patients, while local councils formally take on their new roles in promoting public health. Health and wellbeing boards will bring together local organisations to work in partnership and Healthwatch will provide a powerful voice for patients and local communities. Inside Government Click here to set the image for this story. New website By 2014, websites of all government departments and many other public bodies will be merged into the Inside Government section of Some have already moved, and more will be joining soon. Government announces details of post Work Programme support Work Programme leavers targeted by specialist advisers as part of a tough approach to get them into a job. Read more here. To manage your subscription details, please visit: Or to remove yourself from our mailing list click here.

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Good afternoon Ms Cooper Attached is a letter from Lesley Blowers in response to your complaint of 12 April 2013. Kind regards Anna Adams PA to Chief Executive Direct Line 02476 507912 My Reply. I am not satisfied with your replies. Your member of staff was offputting and shouted at me on our last visit that he had already told me that i hadnt got a place. My granddaughter not grandson merely knocked on the door. She was not swinging. The comment from your staff in red suit was that as it was a very expensive door she shouldnt be playing with it. If a door is breakable when an 8 year old knocks on it you are obviously using inferior cheap Materials. The male worker was rude, shouted and was bright red. My granddaughter asked for the cereal and i said no. He obviously has neither people nor, in fact, child-friendly skills. My friend who was lying on the bed is very ill and was disturbed by your rude staff. He not only shouted at us in the flat but ordered us out and carried on his temper trantrum in reception. He is lucky I had children and a vulnerable adult with me or i would have answered him back in the same manner. Though we were sitting in reception waiting for my daughter to pick us up he carried on in the same manner and the four of us, all black, 3 with dusabilities and illnesses, children aged 12 and 8 waited in the cold for my daughter to come. Not a good advert for a supposedly caring environment with equal opportunities. I was hoping for a more positive response. I will now take this further. Shirley P Cooper Sent from Yahoo! Mail on Android

What didn't Have for Breakfast Today

What I didn't have for breakfast today. This was my first meal when I went to meet Jonathan Jay. when I become a millionaire I'll remember this photo.

S love. Playing about with hooks.

Shattered illusions. The frame dropped. The glass broke. It looked artistic.

We need more of these. Resolution: give more hugs this year.

A change is gonna come.

Awakening Newsletter

Re: Awakening Newsletter From lynne habermacher To Hi Shirley - here's the newsletter for your blog, a bit long Here is the latest Awakening newsletter For those of you living local to Birmingham, we have our new group Health-talk meeting next Wednesday, 1 May from about 2-2.30pm until the cafe closes at 5pm. They do a super real home made soup. See you there Paul and Asha whose 1-day old baby was forceably taken from them, have been threatened not to speak to media by the family court, please see 11 April extended news archive (I can only get up to 44mins of it - you may get it if you sign in) part-video now on Namaste too Good interview with Russell Blaylock on effects on the brain from aluminium nano particles in chemtrails and vaccines And lots more interesting articles Best wishes, Lynne Stories and songs the magic of mushrooms Song – I did not speak You must read this xx Two babies were talking... - Tell me, do you believe in life after birth? - Of course. After birth comes life. Perhaps we are here to prepare for what comes after birth. - Forget it! After birth there is nothing! From there, no one has returned! And besides, what would it look like? - I do not know exactly, but I feel that there are lights everywhere ... Perhaps we walk on our own feet, and eat with our mouth. - This is utterly stupid! Walking isn’t possible! And how can we eat with that ridiculous mouth? Can’t you see the umbilical cord? And for that matter, think about it for a second: postnatal life isn’t possible because the cord is too short. - Yes, but I think there is definitely something, just in a different way than what we call life. - You’re stupid. Birth is the end of life and that’s it. - Look, I do not know exactly what will happen, but Mother will help us... - The Mother? Do you believe in the Mother? ! - Yes. - Do not be ridiculous! Have you seen the Mother anywhere? Has anyone seen her at all? - No, but she is all around us. We live within her. And certainly, it is thanks to her that we exist. - Well, now leave me alone with this stupidity, right? I’ll believe in Mother when I see her. - You can not see her, but if you’re quiet, you can hear her song, you can feel her love. If you’re quiet, you can feel her caress and you will feel her protective hands. (Originally posted in Hungarian by Útmutató a Léleknek, translated by Miranda* Linda Weisz.) Alzheimers Coconut oil reverses Alzheimers, a type of brain diabetes How doctors determine whether you have Alzheimers – Chicago's Health project Arms trade mailing list - Speak Out and stop arms sales. Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall landed in Saudi Arabia – on a visit requested by the UK government to help 'enhance military links' – links which include helping secure a contract for BAE's Eurofighter. This is open support for a deeply repressive and abusive regime. Be the Change A US group gathering momentum as they say government represents corporations, not local people Cafe Health-talk now 1st Wednesday of the month from 2.30pm, bring a friend and share info and experiences at the organic and cafe, Mary Vale Road, B30, no. 11 bus route Cancer Broccoli reduces cancer stem cells 8 yr old girl with ovarian cancer – Monsanto expose Cancer cure by Scott Tips at Codex Alimentarius meeting A new method of diagnosing cancer - This can save millions of lives and billions of dollars if fully integrated. The applications of Jack's findings are infinite. Rick Simpson's – Run from the Cure, full version, take some realy safe medicine that works for a change - hemp Chemicals Exposure to chemicals is considered to be a contributory cause for dyslexis to autism now and in many products for home use Education Dr Blaylock on aluminium poisoning of the brain from chemtrails and childhood vaccinations. Some great slides and explanations xx Seed vault in Sweden For our PROSPECTIVE PARENTS, as well as birth educators and practitioners out there, this article helps to shed much needed light on what doppler velocimetry is, including whether it is dangerous or not... More cows could bring enough carbon from the atmosphere to bring us back to preindustrial levels. In the TED Talk above, ecologist Allan Savory explains how we’re currently encouraging desertification, and how to not only stop it, but reverse it, by dramatically increasing the number of grazing livestock. So what shape is any country? How Edward Bernays' media propaganda works Chris Cooke is an Independent councillor in Tamworth. Great website. I hope this will encourage more people to stand up and below he promotes an idea to create a different currency Austerity measures – these are the figures the penny-pinching govt is squeezing the most and here is a pie chart of it Tony Rooke, Tony Farrell, et al., on BBC previous knowledge of 9/11 Fluoride Fluoride causes gangarene Sent to me by Chris Cooke and there's some very interesting data on fluoride in food With the “Safe Drinking Water Disclosure Act” – H.B. 72 – the state of Utah is holding the companies that “fluoridate” Utah’s drinking waters accountable for pouring huge amounts of other toxic chemicals in the water along with the fluoridation chemicals. Michael Crean, a retired civil engineer, wrote the minority report. He noted that federal officials in 2011 decreased the recommended fluoride level to 0.7 parts per million. Because fluoride also would be available from sources beyond drinking water, Crean said he worried about overexposure in children. Crean said he also was unswayed when dental experts testified but were unwilling to quantify how fluoridation would reduce cavity rates. For anyone who wants to look into F research a bit deeper Public Health Investigation of Epidemiological data on Disease and Mortality in Ireland related to Water Fluoridation and Fluoride Exposure by Declan Waugh Fracking risks Water in the taps can light up spectacularly GM 1 minute videos explaining the basic of GM that we should all know And followed by lots of snippets of vital info about GM Cancer proteins in GM foods, particularly in milk and cows. It seems we had mad cow disease before they were aware of it in US Roundup Ready Gene Cartoon on GM effects GM Wheat has many identical matches with human DNA and can silence our genes Good Food Young women at high risk for breast cancer given just a teaspoon of ground flaxseed a day showed fewer precancerous changes: We think this deserves a thumbs up, don't you? We spend on average £110 a month on take-aways Our organic Thai Green Curry recipe is full of flavour and a cheaper alternative to a take-away! Health Unrefined salt may afterall be good for you UNIVERSAL COMMUNITY TRUST Philip Day - people who came off drugs and took vitamin supplements and regained their health - Your computer may crash when you view this Newsletters and Petitions Pets Welfare Alliance newsletter The latest of research into food, GM, and exposes in drugs, EU and politics, esp France this time 1) Statement of monies received by Common Purpose from the public purse since inception 2) Members of Parliament who have attended training courses or otherwise have interests in Common Purpose 3) Members of other public bodies including non-governmental and local councils who have attended training courses or otherwise have interests in Common Purpose 4) An assessment of whether Common Purpose warrants charitible status under the Charities Act 2011, including an assessment whether the organisation exists for the public benefit UK Column - Expose of Liverpool Pathway 11.4.2013 – children being stolen by authorities Paul and Asha whose 1-day old baby was forceably taken from them, have been threatened not to speak to media by the family court, please see 11 April extended news archive (I can only get up to 44mins of it) Help needed to test video delivery platform - The UK Column is producing a number of video documentaries, UK Column Live We need about 200 volunteers to help test, please add yourself to the "UK Column Television" mailing list. Get Involved - Thie is a very interesting alternative news link where you can also access past discussions with Brian Gerrish on news items in or not in the mainstream news. One item was how the judiciary treats a police officer found growing cannabis against others Petro-chemicals The fracking industry in Australia Pharma Many people on statins for a couple of months soon notice their waning energy levels and they can't do as much as they used to. Also more articles for you to read here Politics UK column 19.4.2013, people on cancer treatment to pay and much more Boston Bombing and gold price drop, governments operatives' drill, etc. Mr Chatzimarkakis accused German politicians, including his own party, of belittling Greece. He said that within his own party, ideas such as “sell your isles and the Acropolis” had been circulated as measures to pay off Greek debt. “They were so extreme that I couldn’t go to the party’s convention.” [...] Technologies Another game-changing technology. Built by Turkish inventor Muammer Yildiz, demonstrated here at Delft University in the Netherlands to a critical public of engineers and energy researchers. More articles here: From Penny - I have also listened to my interview with Dave Starbuck which happened in 2008 and Dave told me about some Tesla Plates that he uses to help enhance his health. These plates are called 'Purple Plates' and may be purchased in the UK with no postage and packing costs from this site. Also, the Princess Diana Sacred Symbol features a double Tesla bifillar spiral. Powered by nothing by a scuba tank full of compressed air, this motorcycle achieved speeds usually reserved for combustion engines without the emissions. Vaccines Dr Andrew Wakefield got a double page spread in The Independent Saturday 13.4.2013 xx Admin of VINE UK – I haave no faith in the safety of any vaccines Vaccine Safety Conference Overview: Scientific Rationale, Unmet Research Needs and Untested Assumptions Some very interesting commentaries from a SF university that clearly did not want them there and others that do, a website dedicated to a young girl named Caroline's journey to recovery from autoimmune and neurological challenges Since 1938, there have come to our attention a number of children whose condition differs so markedly and uniquely from anything reported so far ... When you're not concerned about safety? SURE! Why not? The FDA approved the first GMO flu vaccine Merck comes up trumps - the Health-Sciences Dep’t at Simon Fraser University (SFU), Vancouver, Canada recently received a donation of 1.4 m dollars lab equipment from Vaccine giant Merck – producers of the the Gardasil Vaccine. This is the real reason why they tried to deny the Vaccine Resistance Movement access to their campus. All mainstream media outlets conveniently buried this evidence, which we provided to them up front. According to reports, at least 26 children have died and many more have been seriously injured after they were given the 5 in 1 vaccine, Quinvaxem. Dr Karen Becker interviews Jean Dodds on rabbies vaccine – cats more prone than dogs, and adverse reactions can be as a seizure, etc. Quotes from Prof Salisbury on twitter Water Fantastic news from Penny - there is a Tesla water cleaning unit which is not too expensive, which attaches to your incoming water supply